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This Is Not A Test

What you are about to see are actual developments that are already changing the way you live your everyday life


The Subject And Object Of Design

Mr. Kristof Crolla talks about the challenges and the bright prospects of design in the hands of young Asian talents


The Designer In Her Work

Ms. Rossana Hu, founding partner of Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, explores the possibility of the designer inhabiting her creation, in an interview…

Cutting Edge Face Recognition

Dr. Jiashi Feng works with dynamic artificial neural network – the restless brain of machines that are smart enough to perform complex tasks such…

Cutting Edge Telephony

The application of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is paving the way to cost-efficient, high-quality telephone…


Indulgences: February 2018

Where to eat, drink, and be merry this month.

Drug Development

As a drug developer with Tychan, a scientific and technical research organization, Dr. Yok Hian Chionh believes that proactively creating systems…

Quantum Computation

Given the nature of Dr. Joseph Fitzsimons' research, it is unlikely that most people will ever interact with it. Quantum computing is developing…

Better Than Cure

Cyber security is a concern for every organization whose existence and viability are linked to a robust online presence


The Rong Zhai Revival

Prada has opened a new cultural center in Shanghai following a sensitive restoration of the Rong Zhai mansion


The Heart of the Matter

Managing some of the largest family fortunes in Southeast Asia has given Ms. Elaine Lim-Chan, a managing director of a global private bank, an opportunity…


Celebrate Valentine's Day At The Tastiest Spots Around Town

Whether it's a blissful evening by the sea or savoring a sumptuous meal at one of Singapore's best hotels, here's where you can bring your one true…

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Perfected Algorithm

We’ve all heard of perpetual calendars, but what are they exactly, and what makes them so special?


Fair and Smart

From user-led designs to online sales platform and smart feedback processing, Faire Leather Co. is setting standards for other modern consumer brands…


Sound Management

In 2010, just three years after its foundation, Devialet launched its first product, D-premier, and immediately earned the admiration of audiophiles…


A Shift In Perspective

Anders Buchmann, Bang & Olufsen's Chief Intrapreneur, tells us how his advertising background helped shape the success of the revolutionary BeoSound…


Legacy Series: TK and Jonathan Quek

Father and son architect duo, T K and Jonathan Quek, on the importance of continuing family legacies

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Wendy Long: Sphere of Influence

The Internet has changed the way we obtain information, but it is social media that has revolutionized the way we communicate and process.

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Wendy Long: Take It Personal

Bridge the gap between the convenience of online shopping and the realness of a brick-and-mortar experience with a warm human touch.


Special Exhibitions: Art Stage Singapore 2018

Whether you’re pressed for time or just want to dive straight into the best of the best, here are three special exhibitions at Art Stage Singapore…


In Anticipation: Art Stage Singapore 2018

ART STAGE, the flagship – and perhaps the largest – show of the Southeast Asian art scene, returns this month, celebrating the best of Thai art,…

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Auspicious Times Ahead

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, make sure you meet it in auspicious style with these eye-catching seasonal timepieces.

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Go for the Gold

Whether it’s mentioned in fantastical tales and legends, a form of currency, or adorning the body, gold is truly the undisputed symbol of luxury…


New Year, New Feasts

Here are the best new places to dine in so that you can start 2018 on a delicious high


Unlimited Engagement

Brick and mortar stores are connecting to retail consumers in new and exciting ways. For Orchard Turn Developments, which manages ION Orchard, this…


A Singapore Olympian As An Everyman

Mr. Oon Jin Teik possesses the amazing qualities of an Olympian and the trusty traits of a fine gentleman – two qualities that more than qualify…


Journeys For Change

A new travel platform that works with local guides allows travelers to interact closely with communities

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