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INSIDE by Portfolio

UOL: Harnessing The Future

Avenue South Residence is the first residential development at the doorstep of Singapore’s newest CBD. Envisioned to support the live-work-play…

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XTRA: Fresh Furnishing

With luxury furniture brands such as DEDON, Kettal, and Tribù, XTRA has all you need to create tranquil outdoor spaces

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Space: A Wealth Of Options

If you’re in the market for classic, fanciful, familiar and or new designer furniture, look no further than SPACE

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Atlas: Sound Advice

Rule your sonic domain with the latest in top-end wireless sound solutions from NAD and Bluesound.

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Ruhens: Perfectly Pure

Look after your health and well-being with Ruhens’ sleek new WHP 3000 tankless multi-temperature water purifier.

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LG: Viewing With Depth

Deep learning is now being applied to how the human eye processes information

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Hafary: Set In Stone

A new showroom by Hafary offers visitors a rare chance to experience natural stone finishings on a large scale.

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Somfy: Designed for Silence

Enjoy privacy and convenience from the quietest automated curtain motor in the market with Somfy Glydea Ultra

Marquis: Sleek Modernity

Marquis HQO assembled refined modern pieces to create a sophisticated yet comfortable and familiar home.

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Smeg: Forest Fantasy

Inspired by nature in all its glorious forms, Smeg’s new Dolce Stil Novo range brings wild joy back into home cooking.


De'Longhi: Clever Coffee The Way You Want It

Elevate your lifestyle with the PrimaDonna Elite Experience, the highest tier product in De’Longhi’s premium range of Italian heritage coffeemakers