What's In My Portfolio: Diego Dultzin Lacoste

Interview by Anton D. Javier
03 Aug 2020

Mr. Diego Dultzin Lacoste is the Co-Founder and Chief Finance Officer of OnTheList

"In 2016, my wife Delphine Lefay and I started OnTheList, a Members-Only Weekly Flash Sales concept. It was conceptualized after we relocated to Hong Kong in 2015, providing members with exclusive access to luxury brands at discounted prices for a limited time. At that time, we noticed the lack of options for brands to dispose end-of-season inventory and these unsold products are often incinerated or dumped in landfills to protect brand value and minimize inventory holding costs and logistics efforts when disposed, as compared to being sold during end-of-season sales.

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OnTheList offers brands an environmentally and financially sustainable option to clear unsold, past-season inventory; acting as the middleman between such brands and members looking for affordable luxury lifestyle products. Today, we work with over 500 partners brands and official distributors, offering clothing, cosmetics, wine, and more. Since 2016, we have hosted more than 900 flash sales across Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Taiwan.

We broke new grounds with our social impact efforts in 2019, contributing to recycling over 4,278kg of carton boxes, an average of 200kg poly bags every month, and 76kg worth of plastics every quarter. With sustainability at the core of our founding philosophy, it is heartening to see how we have instilled a socially good workplace culture at OnTheList where our employees have been involved in the giving back movement.

I am hopeful that OnTheList will continue growing in membership numbers and with our luxury brand partners who share the same vision as us. With the rise of digital technology and on-demand shopping culture, we believe that they will continue to fuel our growth as we constantly evolve our offerings to meet our customers’ needs. We have long since adopted this modern approach, creating a unified and seamless experience across our online and offline channels in Singapore and regionally."

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