A Metal Shield

In 2008, precious metal prices recovered very quickly from the initial negative price action; gold has surged to a new all-time high by mid-May –…


#WeekendRead: Do you mind?

It's a new year for new musings.


Is your new diet out to heal you or harm you?

Don't hop on to that new diet just yet – we asked an expert dietician on identifying the good from the bad.


#weekendread: Live to Eat

Writer Wendy Long ponders our complex relationship with food


#weekendread: On Repeat

Repetition can revive what routine deadens.

Real Estate

Ahead of the Game

Apac Realty Executive Director, Executive Chairman and CEO Mr. Jack Chua leads the real estate business into the future.


Cocooned In Creativity

Aspiring fashion designers and entrepreneurs are now better able to hone their craft with the help of technology and strategic collaborations at…


Disclaimers & Disclosures

Corporate investigation is an inescapable requirement for companies seeking to do business or merge with another


Security Made Easy

It’s all about convenience, security and peace of mind at Vault@268


Not Just For The Eyes

Clothes, make-up, and body modification are just starting points in the transformation to a virtual ‘artwork’. One has to cultivate the mind…


Luxury Right At Your Doorstep

Ms. Wendy Long spends a lot of time planning itineraries when she travels, so why not think of one for her own hometown?


Wendy Long And Her Love Affair With The City Of Love - Paris

The hallmark of a great city is its ability to lure you back each and every time. It’s at once familiar and new, offering an intoxicating experience…

Fashion & Watches

Threading Up

There is made to measure and there is haute couture, which takes made to measure to a whole new different level. It’s every fashionista’s fashion…


Little Known Pairings

Science and technology are affecting human lives in ways that are so specialized that only a few, unless told, will ever notice.


It’s In The Cards

Bushiroad’s ability to develop a number of related businesses based on trading cards places it on a trail to success.


Wendy Long: Design By Choice

Every design choice we make reflects the life we want to lead or aspire to

Fashion & Watches

Wendy Long: Sphere of Influence

The Internet has changed the way we obtain information, but it is social media that has revolutionized the way we communicate and process.

Fashion & Watches

Wendy Long: Take It Personal

Bridge the gap between the convenience of online shopping and the realness of a brick-and-mortar experience with a warm human touch.


Not Just A Bike

A closer look at the bike sharing biz that has taken Singapore by storm — the challenges, the technology, and dealing with recalcitrant riders


Past the Sound Barrier

Armed with user-patterned technology and a customer-centered business approach, Harman Professionals Solution is getting ready new businesses beyond…


Why Simple Is Best

As a technology company, Zumata focuses on simplifying complex problems through business-grade solutions — making things easier for clients and…

Off The Runway

Fashion Show (And Tell)

The weeks of preparation, the giddy anticipation, and the countless dresses and accessories tossed aside in favor of yet another one – all that…


Ace of Clubs

With 1880, entrepreneur Marc Nicholson promises to start meaningful conversations among like-minded members in a well-conceived and executed environment


Engage, Inform & Delight

With an eye on the future of advertising, Vikas Gulati is betting on personalized mobile engagement


Intervention Design

From Silicon Valley to Shenzhen, design is playing an increasingly critical role in the way companies re-imagine the workplace


An Easy Exit

A correct reading of the larger market scenario makes for better choices of quick entry, quick exit strategy


Making The List

Japan’s List Group and Sotheby’s International Realty continues partnership to launch a Singapore office


When Time is Money

There are those who collect watches for their intricate mechanism and precise engineering; those who do so because they expect a price appreciation;…


The Future of Venture Capital

Insights from Kelvin Lee, co-founder of Fundnel


Chip Your Money Back to the Investment Fairway

The objective of the investment game is to make money, not to be correct about our predictions. This simple, yet incredibly important, belief is…

What's In My Portfolio

What's In My Portfolio: Wendy Long

Meet private investor Wendy Long and discover the cherished, intangible contents of her portfolio


Playing to Make Money, Not to be Correct

There are infinite ways to play and win in the investment game; unfortunately, there are also infinite ways to play and lose


Best for Investment, Occupation

Private islands, resort villas, and country estates with excellent access to the city and airports are on sale. Don’t miss out.


Opportunities Galore for Fintech Startups

With friendly policies and multitudinous funding options, it would be no surprise to see a billion-dollar fintech corporation emerge from the Little…


Designers' Collective Joins The Billion-Dollar Club

How Design Entrepreneurs are stealing the investment thunder from the Tech Geeks


Premised On Passion

Entertaining and decorating have provided Wendy with hours of pleasure until she discovered a way to turn her passions into a business venture