De'Longhi: Crema of the Crop

01 Dec 2020

Make the perfect drop of coffee every time with De’Longhi La Specialista, no matter if you’re a trained barista or brewing your first cup.

You’re at the office. You have a conference call at three, but you’ve hit that mid-afternoon slump. What you need is a snappy double espresso to get you moving again. Or maybe you’re about to head out to pick up the kids from school. Wouldn’t a soothing flat-white be perfect for these few precious seconds of down-time? De’Longhi’s La Specialista–the latest semi-auto pump machine by De’Longhi to tempt Singapore’s coffee connoisseurs–gives you handcrafted coffee experience without the wait.

There’s no denying that creating a perfect cup of coffee takes patience and skill. By finding the perfect combination of technology and craft, La Specialista’s Advanced Latte System lets you learn faster. If you are a beginner, choose from pre-set recipes like a single or double espresso, long coffee, or Americano. There’s even a one-second quick-start feature for those on the go. Select “foam” to get a fluffy microfoam ideal for lattes and cappuccinos. Choose “flat” for hot milk minus the froth. Want a hot chocolate or herbal tea for the kids? La Specialista has you covered there, too. As you become familiar with your taste preferences you can start to customize your beverages. Discover a favourite and save it as a new preset.

One of the great innovations of La Specialista is the Smart Tamping Station. Pull the tamping lever all the way down immediately after grinding your beans to compact the ground coffee at the exact right pressure. No waste. No mess to clean up. Prefer your coffee short and sharp? There is also a handy shelf for espresso cups. Having the cups as close as possible to the nozzles helps to create a richer crema. De'Longhi’s patent-pending Sensor Grinding Technology ensures every bean is ground consistently, delivering the perfect dose every time. An integrated sensor keeps bean levels in check. Top up before you run out, not after. Thermoblocks are integrated into the machine to stabilize the temperature of both coffee and steam. Heat milk and coffee simultaneously.

Not only does the design of De'Longhi’s La Specialista exude Italian charm (meaning it looks great on a countertop), it is also practical. The smooth, fuss-free exterior is easy to wipe clean and the bean hopper, water tank, and drip tray can be removed and washed by hand. The machine can be rinsed and descaled with the press of a button. A descaling prompt will light up when it’s time to descale. The hot waterspout features residual coffee taste transferring. On delivery, expect to receive useful extras like filter baskets, a milk pitcher, descaling solution, and a cleaning brush. Accessories like knock-out boxes, double-wall espresso and cappuccino glasses, vacuum-sealed coffee canisters, and cocoa shakers are also available on order.

The De'Longhi La Specialista caters to everyone, no matter their tastes or level of coffee-making experience. This smart machine makes it easy to personalize each element of a cup of coffee. You have complete control over your coffee–from grinding to tamping to brewing. Enjoy the hands-on experience of creating any coffee-based drink you desire in the comfort of your own home or office. Give yourself the gift of time: bring the La Specialista home today.

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