Geberit: Bathrooms for Better Health

01 Dec 2020

Geberit is constantly innovating the humble restroom to bring us washbasins, taps, and toilets that are more hygienic than ever before.

We’ve all experienced it. A corroded tap in a hotel bathroom, an unhygienic flush button on a toilet in the office restrooms, or a stained ceramic washbasin in a favorite local restaurant. It is these kinds of sanitation violations that can cause businesses to lose customers and HR managers to field staff complaints.

To avoid these kinds of contamination crises in residential, hospitality, and commercial buildings, a science-based approach is needed. Touchless controls, wall-mounted taps, concealed cisterns, and easy-clean ceramic surfaces are among the innovative solutions offered by Geberit. And knowing that it’s not just intelligence that matters to those servicing the public, their products look as good as they function.

Increased attention to good hygiene is critical in busy public places like airports, railway stations, and hospitals. Geberit combines knowledge in materials, surface, and electronics technology to create a variety of products that address the multitude of situations where person-to-person contamination by germs and bacteria could occur.

Recent surveys have shown that manual flush controls are increasingly unpopular. People visiting a busy public restroom prefer to use a more sanitary touchless flush system. Geberit addresses this problem with its SIGMA80 and SIGMA10 electronic actuator plates and touchless flush controls.

Operated by hand motion over an IR sensor or set to flush automatically when a person leaves the cubicle, the touchless flush controls are designed for installation in public or office restrooms. Give customers and staff peace of mind with hygienic, clean, well-flushed, and water-saving WCs and urinals they feel actually comfortable using.

Geberit’s actuator plates look sophisticated enough to use in private and residential bathrooms. All they require is a toilet with an electrical connection, which with the complementary rise in bidet-toilet combos is fast becoming the norm. 

Pair Geberit touchless flush technology with their concealed cisterns and wall-hung WCs and you have a bathroom hygienic amenity with fewer edges, joins, and corners. It is easy to clean–the lack of exposed pipework leaves no corners for dirt and bacteria to colonize–and takes up less floor space.

A classic toilet has a rim around the top of the bowl, which hides the rim jets. This is where the water comes from when the toilet is flushed. It is also a place notorious for harboring germs. Geberit has revolutionized the hygiene of the toilet by creating a patented flush technology – the Geberit Rimfree technology. The flush guide directs water along two sides of the ceramic pan. Stains are easily removed and bacteria can simply wash away.

The pioneering touchless technology extends to Geberit’s sleek Piave and Brenta washbasin taps. Available as bench- or wall-mounted fixtures, the high outlet allows more space for hand washing while the smooth surfaces are easy-clean. As with the company’s other ceramic products, their washbasins and water closets feature the special Geberit KeraTect glaze. Once baked on, the glaze is virtually non-porous, dirt-repellent, and scratch proof.

A European leader in sanitary products, Geberit has been in the hygiene business for well over a century. Experienced in both materials and product development, the company is an expert in crafting sanitary solutions–from concept to right through to market release. Trust Geberit to make every bathroom experience simple and safe.

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