Back to Nature

Special feature by AXOR
31 Dec 2022

The Philippe Starck-designed AXOR Starck Nature Shower allows for a new showering experience — one that helps bring you closer to nature.

A greater interest in spending time within nature has lately been reflected in architecture and design trends, where the reinterpretation of outdoor areas is brought into living spaces. To complement this growing interest, the AXOR Starck Nature Shower brings the iconic design of the shower column to outdoors spaces, underscoring the brand’s elemental connection to nature through water, through the design genius of Philippe Starck.

According to Anke Sohn, Head of Global Brand Marketing AXOR, “With the AXOR Starck Nature Shower, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor continue to soften. With its clear design language, luxurious and durable materiality, and improved technology, it offers every comfort of the AXOR Starck shower column known from the interior. The AXOR Starck Nature Shower turns the shower into a meditative ritual in harmony with nature.”

The shower column is a perfect fit in a variety of spaces, whether it’s in the home garden, an urban terrace, or even a private yacht thanks to the consistent use of basic shapes: Cylindrical handles, circular overhead shower, and the rod-shaped hand-held shower. Meanwhile, the enveloping PowderRain spray quietly flows from the overhead shower and caresses the body with a spray akin to gentle summer rain.

What’s more, the shower column can be mounted on various materials for the back wall, ranging from glass to stone and metal to wood. An effective drainage system, as well as the use of a mixing cartridge, allows the product components to withstand elements.

Available in three design variants – two for outdoor use (of which one comes with a hand-held shower) and one for indoor – the AXOR Starck Nature Shower comes in a variety of weather-resistant finishes, such as Matt Black, Brushed Bronze, or other AXOR FinishPlus finishes. In addition, the AXOR Uno, AXOR One, and AXOR Starck faucet collections match the minimalist design of the AXOR Starck shower columns, resulting in a harmonious and holistic bathroom design aesthetic.

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