A Kitchen Revolution

Special feature by XTRA
26 Sep 2023

Poggenpohl is revolutionizing the kitchen through functionality, design, and cutting-edge technology.

XTRA, a respected retailer of contemporary home furnishings and solutions, recently introduced Poggenpohl to the Singapore market. The renowned German brand, celebrated for its luxurious approach to kitchen cabinetry and design, blends functionality, aesthetics, as well as innovation and technology, which in turn offers various styles to cater to individual preferences. With a heritage dating back to 1892, Poggenpohl is well regarded as a symbol of exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

XTRA's new kitchen showroom featuring Poggenpohl

Of late, kitchens have moved from the back of the house to a more central location, where it is slowly being integrated into a home’s greater living area. According to Lim Choon Hong, XTRA’s founder and managing director, “More memories are created often with friends and family in the kitchen and dining table than within the confines of our living room. Choosing and owning the right brand of kitchen systems today speaks a lot about your personality and lifestyle.” 

He adds, “Poggenpohl is a very renowned and historic kitchen brand with 131 years of experience from Germany. It is an excellent opportunity to have it anchor our kitchen and wardrobe division.” 

In addition to its rich heritage, Poggenpohl takes on a progressive approach to kitchens through innovative concepts, collaborations with renowned designers, as well as introducing ground breaking solutions in ergonomic workflows. What’s more, its commitment to sustainability and its global reputation for excellence has cemented Poggenpohl as a top choice for both discerning homeowners and professional chefs.


The Choice is Yours

Whether you prefer something modern or timeless, the choice is yours with Poggenpohl’s three distinct collections - +Modo, +Segmento, or +Venovo.

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The +Modo range is all about the unconventional play of dimensions, where the worktop and cabinetry are offset against one another, forming a sleek and minimal composition. The resulting free space doubles as a spot to showcase other kitchen utensils and personal accessories. In addition to form, the collection boasts an endless array of material options, surfaces, and colors that invite the user to design your own kitchen and the surrounding space.

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Precise lines and impressive functionality are the hallmarks of the +Segmento range – a vision of modern elegance. Through its linear design language, thin worktop, and the omission of handles, what results is a calm canvas that allows for freedom of personal interpretations. Depending on the desired choice of material and color, what results is an appearance that can either be minimal and pure or elegant and opulent.

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Finally, +Venovo’s award-winning design blurs the boundaries between kitchen and living spaces. Firstly, it acts as a solitary element that can be freely positioned. Secondly, its innovative take on storage allows for a reorganization of the kitchen space where the side frames lift the cabinetry upward. Finally, kitchen functions and activities as assigned to various levels for a smooth working experience.

Visit XTRA showroom’s new kitchen space featuring Poggenpohl and its respective ranges at
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