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A New Decade of Watchmaking

Timepieces worth keeping an eye out for in 2020


Historic Tributes

In paying homage to the original favourites, these reissued editions are created in the same likeness, evoking the spirit of reminiscence and becoming…


Simply Spectacular

It’s easy to overdesign a watch, but there’s nothing quite like the beauty of a sleek and simple timepiece. Here are some fine examples


Warming Up

A selection of timepieces that boast lovely warm hues, ranging from fiery red and dusty pink to rose gold and cool cognac


5 Stunning Luxury Watches For July

A new crop of timepieces for weekend warriors, which score high on aesthetics and functionality


5 of Our Favourite Timepieces from Baselworld 2018

With the recent conclusion of Baselworld 2018, we’ve identified some of the timepieces that should definitely be on your radar this year.

Design for Life

Design For Life: Dreamweaver

Indonesian designer and entrepreneur Lim Masulin taps on the traditional craft of weaving for modern objects and architectural fittings