A Match Made in Brand Heaven?

The recent collaboration between Nike and Tiffany & Co has generated a lot of buzz in the fashion and branding world. However, this partnership between…

Secret Singapore

Secret Singapore

Episode 1 - Protecting the National Patrimony


Serving the Underbanked

Bank-Genie addresses the banking needs of those who need it most.


Shifting the Focus on Design Thinking

The founders of Creativeans suggest you take a step back to focus on the big picture and what today's businesses truly need.


The Way It Works

A leading shared offices brand responds to the challenges that arise with the pandemic


Purchase Power

E-commerce service hoolah’s pay later options aim to revolutionize the concept of financial flexibility.


Art for Art's Sake

Art can be anything – from the art of cooking, to dancing, painting, writing, or even fashion, as a tool for individual artistic expression.


Local Footprints

Portfolio’s resident columnist discusses how local brand support is the new defense against an invisible opponent.



On the importance of being prepared to be teachable and adaptable.


Pivoting the Supply Chain

Big shifts during the circuit breaker provided food importer and distributor Sonnamera Pte Ltd with new ideas for reshaping the business


#WeekendRead: Do you mind?

It's a new year for new musings.


#weekendread: Live to Eat

Writer Wendy Long ponders our complex relationship with food


#weekendread: On Repeat

Repetition can revive what routine deadens.


Not Just For The Eyes

Clothes, make-up, and body modification are just starting points in the transformation to a virtual ‘artwork’. One has to cultivate the mind…


Wendy Long And Her Love Affair With The City Of Love - Paris

The hallmark of a great city is its ability to lure you back each and every time. It’s at once familiar and new, offering an intoxicating experience…

Luxury Now

Threading Up

There is made to measure and there is haute couture, which takes made to measure to a whole new different level. It’s every fashionista’s fashion…

Watches & Style

Wendy Long: Design By Choice

Every design choice we make reflects the life we want to lead or aspire to


Wendy Long: Sphere of Influence

The Internet has changed the way we obtain information, but it is social media that has revolutionized the way we communicate and process.


Wendy Long: Take It Personal

Bridge the gap between the convenience of online shopping and the realness of a brick-and-mortar experience with a warm human touch.

Off The Runway

Fashion Show (And Tell)

The weeks of preparation, the giddy anticipation, and the countless dresses and accessories tossed aside in favor of yet another one – all that…

What's In My Portfolio

What's In My Portfolio: Wendy Long

Meet private investor Wendy Long and discover the cherished, intangible contents of her portfolio


Premised On Passion

Entertaining and decorating have provided Wendy with hours of pleasure until she discovered a way to turn her passions into a business venture