What I've Learned From This

30 Apr 2020

Mr. Nirvik Singh, Global COO, Chairman & CEO Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, GREYgroup

The most important lesson is that people are remarkably resilient, flexible and capable of adapting to the most challenging of circumstances. We are seeing a blurred line between the private and public sector based on need, where everyone has had to come together and play to their strengths. This has brought brand values and brand purpose to the forefront and will lead to more people preferring ‘considered consumption’.

The crisis also reinforces that digitalization is essential to competitiveness. For many businesses, COVID-19 will be the catalyst for lasting digital transformation.

The importance of e-commerce, online platforms and apps and data analysis has increased exponentially, and a significant acceleration in adopting digital and tech solutions, even across traditional industries such as education and retail -will continue. We can also assume behavioral change and consumption are unlikely to revert to the same pattern as pre-pandemic. Most importantly, I do hope the world will be a kinder place.