Viewing Pleasure

06 Dec 2019

Bang & Olufsen’s Beovision Harmony, the latest in the brand’s ever-evolving range of home entertainment products, is flawlessly fine tuned for your viewing – and listening–pleasure.

Since its popular adoption in the1950s, the television has dominated living rooms. In recent years, people have begun to favor screen-free spaces while simultaneously desiring the big screen experience. Ever thinner screens are wall mounted on moving brackets, housed in private dedicated cinema rooms, or hidden behind doors in discreet wall units.

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But none of these solutions come close to matching the precision, craftsmanship, and design with which Bang & Olufsen have crafted their solution to this contemporary conundrum. The Beovision Harmony, debuted at Milan Design Week 2019, is a state-of-theart screen and sound centre created for the ultimate immersive cinematic experience. This leading edge product is guaranteed to deliver vivid imagery and stellar audio – all hidden away in a discreet exterior.

Bang & Olufsen are masters of styling, and this TV is a true statement piece. When the set is turned off or just playing music, the screen rests close to the floor, partially covered by two meticulously crafted oak and aluminum panels. Decide to watch something and the panels – which double as speakers – fan outwards. The screen gently rises to optimum viewing height.

This focus on natural materials has a precedent in earlier Bang & Olufsen products. The Capri integrated living room series, introduced in 1959, was made of teak. Wood has always been an important aspect of Nordic architecture and furniture design because of its individual character, robustness and versatility. The company proudly carries this tradition forward in the Beovision Harmony.

In true Bang & Olufsen style, the stunning exterior contains the highest level of precision in contemporary sound and vision technology. The moveable front panels with their carefully designed grading pattern house sublime technical instruments, carefully tuned by hand and ear to maximise acoustics – bringing even the subtlest details of sound and music into the farthest reaches of a room.

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Accompanied by a top-class LG 77” OLED screen – with its signature bright, self-illuminating pixels and stunning color–and movies, sporting events, and must-see shows are brought to life.

As technology improves, the demands on our living spaces have never been greater. Aware of this, Bang & Olusen made sure the Beovision Harmony can function not only as a premium viewing device, but also as a standalone music streaming tool. Integrated music services like Tune-In and Deezer conveniently sit alongside smartphone tools like Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast, and Bluetooth. The addition of LG’s most recent webOS 4.5 platform provides access to popular media platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube.

Bang & Olufsen are a company renowned for refined innovation. The Beovision Harmony is the latest addition to a historically important and ever-evolving collection of sound and vision solutions for the home. With the brand constantly seeking to perfect their offerings in the audio-visual space, no knows exactly what to expect next. What is certain, however, is that whatever it is, it will be both beautiful and groundbreaking.

Available exclusively at: Bang & Olufsen, Grand Hyatt flagship store, 10-12 Scotts Road, #01-05 Singapore 228211.

Tel: +65 6737 7500