The Hidden House

by Lili Li
Photography by Edward Hendricks
13 Nov 2018

Originally built to accommodate a British military officer and his family stationed in Singapore in the early 1920s, the building and its gardens is now home to a Singaporean family of Chinese descent.

The design of The Hidden House, which is a collaborative effort between PRODUCE and Ta.le Architects, aims to conserve the aura of the place by concealing all new structures under layers of terracing platforms. This serves to preserve the original building as the only expressive object within the new landscape, thereby protecting the wonderful view of lawns bound by lush trees to the south.

The Hidden House is a traditional Chinese quadrangle structure, which is used as a principle for organizing the private quarters, and as an added dimension it has tiered platforms.

On each level in the quadrangle, the respective units are arranged to frame central gathering spaces for the family. This brings about symmetry and hierarchy, which are essential to the traditional Chinese family order.

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