Technicolor Timekeeping

by Anton D. Javier
Photos courtesy of HAUTLENCE
05 Sep 2017

The Vortex Gamma by HAUTLENCE aims to add a new shade of fun and novelty to timekeeping

For over a decade, HAUTLENCE has revisited — and challenged — the codes of traditional watchmaking. To ensure that it stays on the cutting edge of innovation, and continue to push boundaries of what is expected from a watch, the brand has used a revolutionary composite material borrowed from the automotive and aerospace industries, and infused it with the Vortex Gamma watch.

The material, known as HLLightColor, boasts a host of unique features, which include being four times lighter than titanium and is able to open up to boundless aesthetic possibilities. How? The HLLightColor is body tinted and allows HAUTLENCE to play with the entire Pantone color spectrum, which allows clients to customize their timepiece in colors of their choice.

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Technicolor capabilities aside, the Vortex Gamma also sports a design that takes inspiration from the sci-fi classic TRON. By placing color in the spotlight, and showcasing luminescent shapes that represent integrated circuits, what you get is a visually stunning piece of wrist candy that delivers a high-tech and highly colorful outlook with a mechanical heart and impactful design.

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