#StayHome: 5 productive things to do while social distancing

by Katherine Arteche
24 Mar 2020

In a bid to exercise the mind, body and soul.

Attend a travel webinar

The global PSA is telling everyone to stay home as much as you can. The travel industry is facing a **** of its own, with major airline carriers staying put and national borders being shut down.

While society is calling for social responsibility through social distancing and self-quarantine, we can’t deny that frequent travellers like ourselves are going almost stir crazy.

Keep up to date with Finn Partners who is hosting a travel webinar, Catch The Experts: Travel beyond COVID-19 on Wednesday, 25 March at 10:30am. Here, travel experts from the travel and hospitality industry will discuss the past, present and future aspects amidst the ongoing outbreak.

Missed the live webinar? Catch up on the full discussion on YouTube.

Learn new skills through an online masterclass 

I know, you’re looking at me funny. You’ve clocked in more hours than you’ve had to while in your work-from-home state and now you’re being told to sit down some more. Well, the great thing about taking an online class is that you can do it in your own time.

MasterClass offers various courses ranging from mixology to advertising, where every class is taught by a renowned figure in their field, such as Dame Helen Mirren for acting and Dr. Jane Goodall for conservation. To date, MasterClass is in partnership with more than 80 instructors and counting, with new fields being introduced.

Read more about MasterClass and sign up on their website.

Cook a meal you’ve always wanted to have

There’s no excuse left for putting off that anchovy pasta recipe you’ve kept dormant in your bookmarks tab. With all the time in the world and with daily meals to get through, it’s time to get your kitchen heated up again.

Brunch is no longer just for the weekends when you can whip up this European meal anytime you want: fennel sausages, poached egg and peperonata, the latter being stewed vegetables comprising peppers, tomatoes and onions.  

For extra points, take the time to carefully execute this local dessert, and one of Violet Oon’s specials, kueh kochee. All in the name of hosting the best dinner parties when this is all over.

Watch Netflix shows that are good for you

Binge-watching television episodes is the new leisure activity nowadays, regardless if you’re staying in or not. However, we suggest trading in sitcoms and reality television for more knowledge-inducing series. 

Salt Fat Acid Heat is all about cooking 101 that addresses four essential elements in the kitchen; College Behind Bars explores the lives of inmates pursuing further education; and Rotten focuses on the problems in the food supply chain industry, from foraging to global import.

With all these and more, there’s a lot more going on in the world than just the virus at the moment.

The living room in a 6-bedroom apartment.

Stay in a home away from home

A staycation doesn’t have to be no work and all play. lyf Funan by Ascott is a co-living workspace located in Singapore’s most tech savvy shopping mall.

lyf (pronounced “life”) is a live-in property curated for millennials and the like-minded, with communal living spaces. Such examples include a social kitchen, an open space gym, and working areas that can double up as conferences or brainstorming sessions.

A kitchen-and-dining space in a 4-bedroom apartment.

The rooms range from five different apartment types that go up to a six-bedroom unit furnished with a kitchen and an interactive smart screen in the living room operated by the Samsung Flip.  

lyf Funan is within walking distance of the National Gallery Singapore, which houses establishments like three-Michelin star restaurant Odette and the rooftop bar Smoke & Mirrors. 

While the concept is Ascott’s first, it’s definitely not a one-off idea. “We have seven more lyf properties to be opened over the next three years,” says Ms. Mindy Teo, Deputy Managing Director of lyf. “We will open lyf in Bangkok, Fukuoka, Kuala Lumpur, Cebu and Shanghai by 2022.”

For reservations, make a booking on their website.