Otis: A New Approach to Sofas

Special feature by XTRA
29 Mar 2021

The Otis by Montis is the perfect solution for every homeowner's sofa needs

The sofa plays an important role in most modern homes, particularly smaller-sized apartments. This piece is typically in the heart of the home, beckoning members of the household and guests alike to sit, relax, and be at ease. Because of its size, it anchors the space it is in and usually dictates the aesthetics of the rest of the furniture.

To address the needs of those looking for a sofa that ticks several boxes (style, comfort, adaptability), XTRA introduces Otis, a customizable sofa by Montis. It is designed by Johan van Hengel, who honed his craft and designer instincts during his years spent at Feiz Design Studio.

His designs have been commissioned by various Dutch and Scandinavian design companies thanks to a keen eye for distinctive details that elevate everyday objects and furniture pieces. 

For the Otis sofa, van Hengel aimed to create slender, efficient shapes, which led to a clever solution of designing narrow, 'folded' armrests that provide optimal ease of use. What's more, the sofa boasts a customizable design that is easily adjusted to specific sizes and style requirements.


The Otis is available in modular components, where the design can either be a single-seat unit, two-, three-, four-, or ample five-seater. An XL version is also available, which features deeper seats.

Meanwhile, seat cushions are available in firm, medium, soft, and extra soft. In addition, several of the sofas have two or three seat cushions. By alterning the number of seat cushions, the choice of upholstery and kind of frame can be attuned to its chosen environment. 

Because of the Otis' sleek, elegant profile and wide range of styles and sizes, it perfectly adapts to most homes and fulfills every seating desire. 

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