How How Living Project Lab

by Lili Li
13 Nov 2018

The How How Living Project Lab villa was designed by Inheressence Design Studio (Taiwan)

The designers redefine the essence of a villa in How How Living Project Lab. By installing a transformative tilting roof, essential resources such as wind, light, water, and greenery are harnessed and integrated into an environmentally-friendly living space.

The latest technologies are installed to generate electrical power from sunlight, heat, and wind. Such factors lead the design strategy and building layout, forming a lifestyle centered around co-existence with the Nature.

The tree at the center of the space is also a core element. Two multifunctional, sunken platforms beside the tree can be raised to use as a bench, table, stage, or games table.

The central yard, with the tree and sunken platforms, bridges the exterior and the interior, and serves as a place for meditation and interaction with the tree.

As for decoration and furnishing, the designers attempt to redefine the meaning of furniture. A custom table, which can extend from 240cm to 400cm, defines the dining space, while a custom sofa defines the living space. The designers believe that all furniture has the ability to adapt and transform the space it occupies.

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