Genuine Maintenance: The Ultimate Care Package

28 Feb 2021

High Quality Car Maintenance for your Ferrari at Singapore's only authorised Ferrari Service Center.

Ferrariā€™s Genuine Maintenance is the only maintenance package of its kind to be offered by a global manufacturer.

Through this programme, all Ferrari owners can be assured that their precious vehicle is kept in perfect working order at the Ital Auto Service Centre, which is the only authorised Ferrari Service Center in Singapore. At Ital Auto, the highest level of efficiency, performance and safety are always maintained. It reflects the brand’s unwavering dedication to its customers.

The Genuine Maintenance service is specifically linked to each car. Indeed, this maintenance programme can be transferred to the new owner if the car is re-sold. The programme includes labour, original replacement parts, lubricants, engine oil, and brake fluid.

The maintenance plan is offered for the first seven years of the life of all Ferrari cars. It covers an extensive period, serving as proof of the excellent quality of Prancing Horse cars.

The checks are scheduled to take place at least once a year, and are performed by Ital Auto’s highly qualified team who understand the unique characteristics of the various Prancing Horse models, which has been trained at the Ferrari Training Center in Maranello.