Call for Entries for the IDCS Design Excellence Awards 2022

by Portfolio Magazine
21 Apr 2022

Submit your entries for the Design Excellence Awards 2022, which is one of the region's most anticipated interior design competitions.

The Interior Design Confederation Singapore's (IDCS) Design Exellence Awards (DEA) recently announced the launch of the Design Excellence Awards 2022, which is one of the Asia Pacific Region's highly anticipated interior design competitions. It is now open for entries here and closes on Wednesday, 31 August 2022. 

The DEA sets out to recognize the best of commercial, residential, and public design by the Interior Design industry in Singapore and Asia Pacific, endorsing and celebrating the achievements of both professionals and students. With DEA, IDCS seeks to champion design excellence, as well as elevate and promote the quality of standards of interior design locally and regionally.

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For the 9th cycle of the Awards, IDCS brings back 26 of the most popular award categories across two competition tracks: Interior Design Excellence Awards (I-DEA) for professional interior designers and firms, and Spatial Design Awards (SPADE) for students.

These awards are seen as a seal of excellence and proof of outstanding achievements in the design field, acknowledged by a professional jury panel. 

This year, for the Design Excellence Awards 2022, IDCS President Mr. Cameron Woo would like to encourage Design professionals and students to, "submit interior design projects that provide a unique take on our Asian Sensibility in the built-environment that harkens back to a period of peace, tranquility, freedom of expression, and offers us a future of hopefulness." 

IDCS has invited a prestigious Jury Panel to judge the DEA 2022 entry submissions from 2-18 September 2022. Shortlisted winners will be notified from 10–14 October 2022 by phone or email. The Jury panel will be responsible for judging each entry submission based on a score out of ten (10) with average scores of 6-7/10 receiving a Bronze award, 7-8/10 a Silver award and 8-10/10 a Gold award. Entries with the highest score per category will be announced as the winner of the category and will be revealed at the virtual DEA 2022 Awards Gala Evening on Friday, 2 December 2022.

For more information and to submit your entries, click here