A Better Life Through The Arts

30 Sep 2022

  • Grace Chong – Tan, Dr Ernest Rex Tan
  • Helen Madhavan, Dato Peter Madhavan
  • Steven Ler, Winnie Neo
  • Chong Lan Ing, Chris Chong
  • Oon Jin Teik, Emily Oon
  • Ivan Lin, Tessa Er
  • Nicholas Goh, Jenny Woon
  • Leny Suparman, Ong Chih Ching
  • Surya Jhunjhnuwala, Ritu Jhunjhnuwala
  • Susmita Lim, Nicholas Lim
  • Lim Choon Hong, Sara Tay
  • Koh Tien Hua, Meei Fang
  • Tan Ching Khoon, Benjamin Lee, Linda Ming
  • Fujioka Jumpei, Peter Koh
  • Ronnie Seng, Jessie Yim
  • Cheong Hai Poh, Oliva Cheong
  • Elaine Chia, Koh Kar Siong
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A charity dinner was sponsored by Goh Bock Seng, founder and principal of boutique M&A firm Dealmakers International Ltd, and hosted by Portfolio magazine for the benefit of The Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BT BAF).

The event, titled ‘Fuelling Dreams’, sought to continue igniting sparks of passion in the arts among its beneficiaries, and propel them to fulfil their full potential.

BT BAF was initiated in 2004 and adopted by The Business Times in 2005. Since its inception, it has been supporting youths from financially challenged backgrounds to gain self-confidence as well as a sense of purpose and community through the arts. BT BAF supports beneficiaries through an extensive training program at two academies, The Little Arts Academy and 10 Square Youth, that provides artistically inclined students with technical skills and real opportunities to pursue careers in the arts.

To date, BT BAF has empowered over 22,000 children and youths to discover and express themselves through the arts. In the process, the training programs beneficiaries attend have enabled them to navigate this challenging period of their development, and have equipped them with the drive and the tools to live their best life.

  • Phan Ming Yen, Dennis Pua, Goh Bock Seng, Dancers From The Little Arts Academy
  • Dancers From The Little Arts Academy
  • Fernandez Leong, Shazna Sim
  • Dancers From 10 Square Youth
  • Shahizman Bin Muhammad Sulaiman
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The charity dinner, held in SKAI Suites at Swissôtel The Stamford, saw a big turnout of friends, business associates, and members of the media who lent their overwhelming support. At the end of the evening $40,000 was raised for BT BAF.

Guests at the event were treated to dance performances by BT BAF beneficiaries who are attending The Little Arts Academy and 10 Square Youth.

In appreciation of their generosity, 13 top donors each received an artwork handpicked by TRCL, including works done by BT BAF beneficiaries.

  • Leroy Mccully, Dennis Pua, Genevieve Mccully
  • Colin Goh
  • Phan Ming Yen
  • Iqbal Jumabhoy, Gay Chee Cheong, Chloe Goh, Goh Bock Seng, Michelle Chen
  • Ritu Jhunjhnuwala, Richard Hoon, Surya Jhunjhnuwala, Frances Yen
  • Michael Ng, Dennis Pua, Freddie Tan, Dato Peter Madhavan, Michelle Chen, Daniel Poon
  • Goh Bock Seng, Nor Azizah Abdullah, Dennis Pua
  • Chloe Goh, Goh Bock Seng, Alan Lim, Andy Yu, Sally Yee, Tingting Luo
  • Claude Chevroulet, Goh Bock Seng
  • Dennis Pua
  • Alfred Chua, Annie Seow, Daniel Poon, Michelle Chen, Dennis Pua, Loi Win Yen, Dr Ernest Rex Tan, Alice Kong, Daniel Chui, Jingle Chen, Winnie Neo, Steven Ler, Grace Chong – Tan
  • Francis Phun, Victor Chia, Carolyn Chia, Yvonne Siow, Cheong Hai Poh
  • Colin Goh, Nicholas Goh
  • Pius Chong, Tan Ching Khoon, Ong Kian Min, Joni Ong, Surya Jhunjhnuwala, Ritu Jhunjhnuwala, Frances Yen, Richard Hoon
  • Ong Kian Min
  • Koh Kar Siong
  • Ivan Tan
  • Lim Choon Hong
  • Iqbal Jumabhoy, Maniza Jumabhoy, Freddie Tan, Aileen Tan, Dennis Pua
  • Jenny Woon, Nicholas Goh, Ivan Lin, Dennis Pua, Tessa Er, Linda Ming, Benjamin Lee
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