What's In My Portfolio: Martin Koh

02 Oct 2023

Martin Koh is a Master Perfumer at dsm-firmenich.

“In my role as Master Perfumer at dsm-firmenich, I develop scent recipes for a wide range of categories, including creating winning fragrances for day-to-day consumer goods like soaps and body washes, hair care, laundry, and household products. Some of my fragrance creations include the ‘fresh apple scent’ for the Super Pell Floor Cleaner for the Indonesia market and the ‘floral, aloe vera scent’ I made for Safeguard Pink’s bar soap for the Philippines market.

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I am also in charge of training the next generation of young perfumers at the company’s in-house perfumery school. This is especially fulfilling to me – it is a privilege to be able to nurture young perfumers who are passionate about scent and fragrance creation, and I am very encouraged and inspired when I see my students evolve in their artistry and appreciation for the art of curating scents. One of my proudest moments was when someone I had trained was named Master Perfumer last year. I felt like a very proud older sibling.

When I was made Master Perfumer by dsm-firmenich in 2013, it was truly an exceptional honor for me. Being appointed as the company’s first Asian and Singaporean Master Perfumer was a momentous milestone in my career, and it opened more doors for me to push the boundaries of fragrance innovation to craft captivating scents that resonate with our customers across different markets.

It is a privilege to have weathered the ever-evolving landscape of perfumery and fragrance, where adapting to changing preferences in different markets across the region has become the norm. Sometimes we don’t realize or see the massive reach and impact perfumes have on people.

At dsm-firmenich, we also believe in conscious perfumery, where we harness nature and biotechnology responsibly to deliver scent solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We have capabilities in naturals, synthetics and biotechnology, and we leverage our expertise in all three areas for maximum impact on our customers and minimal damage to the environment.

Our NaturalsTogether™ program ensures that we source for our natural ingredients sustainably. We run an ambitious global partnering program where we work with producers to promote fair business, encourage innovation, and ensure responsible sourcing. The program also offers a selection of premium naturals in our palettes, where the ingredients offer extra value such as specific origins or traceability of the ingredients from farm to fragrance using digital technology for key supply chains.”