What's In My Portfolio: Ernany Jasmin

01 Aug 2023

Ernany Jasmin is the founder of WOLF + WALD

WOLF+WALD started in Munich, Germany as a sparkling lemonade brand with exotic flavors. With a resolute mission to provide high-quality, organic sparkling beverages to our customers, I crafted three flavors, ranging from tamarind, yuzu, and lime.

The origin story is deeply rooted in our commitment to sustainable farming practices, as symbolized in our name – WOLF, representing our fearless approach towards disrupting the food and beverage industry, and WALD, the German word for forest, which is a way of expressing our respect for nature and the environment.

Our company’s focus on health, wellness, and sustainability has helped us build a loyal customer base. The market response in our local community was overwhelming and confirmed our belief that there is a growing, widespread demand for transparent, ethical, and wholesome food options.

At WOLF+WALD, we've always celebrated the discerning palate and a penchant for healthier living, which is why we are working to expand our selection of juices to cater to different palates and our reach to more countries. It's about empowering others to make healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable choices.

When it comes to overseas expansion, we are looking to target markets that align with our brand values and have demonstrated demand for organic food and beverages. Currently, we are laying the groundwork for our entrance into Southeast Asia, aiming to enter the rest of Asia Pacific over the span of the next five years.

What’s more, WOLF + WALD intertwines my journey through entrepreneurship and motherhood – two roles that have defined and shaped my life in ways I could have never imagined. Embarking on this journey was an adventure akin to stepping into the unknown, full of hopes, dreams, and the courage to make a difference. Similarly, motherhood has been a journey filled with joy, challenges, and a whole lot of learning. They may seem like two different paths, but in reality, they are interconnected, each informing and enriching the other.

Becoming a mother during the growth of WOLF+WALD was a transformative experience. Just as WOLF+WALD was nurtured from a mere concept into a thriving business, my child has grown from a new-born into an individual with their own personality and dreams.”