Topless Beauty

by Portfolio Magazine
19 Aug 2021

The alluring dynamism and elegance of the BMW 4 Series Convertible is rendered all the more irresistible with its new soft-top construction that redefines open-top driving

There are few things that turn heads more than a convertible on the road with its top down. But when you add in high-performance technology, innovation equipment features, and a drop-dead gorgeous design, you have a car that’s more than the sum of its parts. Introducing the all-new BMW 4 Series Convertible.

Sporty and sophisticated, the car brings back the halcyon days of carefree cruising. Behind the wheel, with the wind in your hair, the sensation transports you to another world. Each time you take it for a spin, you’d almost believe you were driving through the Corniche in the South of France.

The reality is that the BMW 4 Series Convertible is much more than an elegantly designed automobile that activates the emotions, even if it’s all that as well.

You just cannot ignore the captivating facets of the car as it showcases a sporting prowess. Its sharp profile reflects the brand’s new design language that is highlighted by the striking interpretation of a low-slung silhouette.

The BMW 3 Series may have provided the technological blueprint for the 4 Series, but the design, distinct vehicle concept and enhanced driving dynamics of the BMW 4 Series Convertible differentiates it from its engineering genesis.


Along these lines, the front-end of the new open-top sensation stands out as a defining feature. The new, enlarged vertical BMW kidney grille sits proudly at the centre of attention. Not only does it put forth a bold stance visually, it is also designed to improve air-cooling for the beefy engine that sits behind.

The lines of the front-end flow seamlessly from the large full-LED headlights - which venture deep towards the wheel arches - to a side profile that speaks boldly of the car’s athletic countenance. Contours are subtle and provide an integrated proposition.

With the top up, the passenger cell is amply covered in a beautifully contained capsule. Once the top is down, the three-dimensional sculpted surfaces of the rear wheel arches combine with the car’s powerful shoulders to give a broad-set appearance. Amazingly, the BMW 4 Series Convertible looks like it was specifically and successfully designed one way or the other.

Few things speak as loudly about the automobile’s driver-centric disposition as what it feels like sitting in the cockpit. The large screen array consisting of the Control Display and instrument cluster gives a nod to understanding, and delivering, what drivers need and where they are to be found. Touches of luxury are also palpable from the Vernasca leather trim, extending and retracting safety belts, and leather sports steering wheel. The amply proportioned two rear seats offers two additional passengers the privilege of sharing the ride.


True to its selling point, the soft-top is a sterling feature of the car. The lightweight top brings together the sturdiness a retractable hard-top and the appeal of fabric roof providing the best of both worlds. It takes just 18 seconds to bring it down, sitting flush with the side frame of the car, and with the glass rear window secured safely and neatly out of sight. The panel bow soft-top is 40 per cent lighter than that of its predecessor and provides even better acoustic and temperature insulation. The lighter roof decreases the overall weight of the car, and allows the centre of gravity to be lowered, resulting in improved dynamics and increased agility. Conveniently, it can also be lowered or raised while the car is travelling at speeds no faster than 50km/h. The top comes in Black as standard, and Anthracite Silver as an option.


Under the hood, Singapore offers two variants of four-cylinder petrol engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo – the 184hp all-new BMW 420i Convertible; and the 258hp BMW 430i Convertible M Sport Pro. Both versions come with BMW’s renowned eight-speed Steptronic transmission that gets you through the gears sharply with speed and efficiency. All variants offer shift paddles, and the new Sprint function (standard on the BMW 430i Convertible M Sport Pro) provides an extra boost to lift the excitement factor.

The BMW 4 Series Convertible rides as well as it looks. An aluminium shear panel provide added convertible-specific reinforcement in a body construction that offers extreme rigidity. Throw in the car’s low centre of gravity, improved aerodynamics, performance-oriented suspension, and enhancements to the chassis geometry and mounting, and you’ll be able to zip through those bends with ever more agility and confidence.


Driving safety and ease is not neglected as well. The wide array of driver assistance systems that comes standard with the car provides the ultimate on-road experience. Parking is made that much easier and safer with Park Distance Control enabled with front and rear sensors. Front Collision Warning helps to ward off accidents with vehicles ahead of you, and Lane Departure Warning with steering correction helps to keep drivers from veering off their lanes. The BMW 4 Series Convertible also offers the brand’s latest Head Up Display that is 70 per cent larger, and allows a larger map to be shown in addition to speed.

The state-of-the-art infotainment system with connectivity gives drivers more reasons to hit the road. The BMW Operating System 7.0 offers more customisability than ever, and with the 10.25-inch Control Display’s touchscreen, iDrive Controller, and multifunction buttons on the steering wheel, drivers can adjust all their entertainment and information needs safely and quickly. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both now supported through optimised, wireless smartphone integration, and the Remote Software Upgrade feature allows improved vehicle functions and additional digital features to be enhanced over the air.

Few cars can put together the practicality of four seats, the thrill of alfresco driving, the pleasure of high-tech performance, with an inimitable style like the BMW 4 Series Convertible can. Whether it’s used as a commuting work horse, a way to let your hair down, or a fashion or status symbol, the latest open-top powerhouse from BMW both defies categorisation yet ticks all the boxes of what you want in a stylishly dynamic automobile that will have heads turning.

The all-new BMW 4 Series Convertible is now available for test drives at the Performance Motors Limited showroom. Take one out today find out how it can add to the thrills in life.

Experience the ravishing beauty for yourself here