The Youth Of Today: Jackson Aw

By Marc Almagro
10 Jul 2019

Founder & CEO, Mighty Jaxx

Toy-making has always been big business, an enterprise that rolls with wild artistic input and even wilder marketing savvy. The landscape has changed through the decades, developing a niche for limited-edition designer figurines that collectors acquire for hundreds to several thousands of dollars.

For Mr. Jackson Aw, however, it was a solitary adventure that is now much better understood than when he plunged into it. “I believe that if I persisted in pursuing a business in this industry a generation ago, I might have been literally disowned by my family,” the founder of action figures creator Mighty Jaxx says. He admits, however, that he didn’t give too much thought to how people think of his work. “I didn’t take their opinions to heart because I knew what I wanted to do; I was focused on making sure that I succeeded, and that fulfilled my mind and soul’s desire.” In his line of work, Mr. Aw observes, “entrepreneurship is romanticized and popularized to the point of the trade’s acceptance”.  

The Singapore-based design studio has won awards specializing in developing art collectibles, and has produced over a thousand designs for avid collectors around the world since it started business in 2012. It has collaborated with renowned designers worldwide to produce limited edition collectibles, and with international brands including DC Comics, Cartoon Network, MTV, New Balance and others to develop unique projects.

“I am beyond happy to be able to create my own work, and I find great satisfaction from it every day. We believe that Mighty Jaxx creates happiness in the world, especially when we can reach collectors in over 50 countries.”

Eager to forge meaningful connections with society, Mighty Jaxx has been working on a project to create kitchenware for the visually impaired. Applying its expertise on an endeavor of this kind thrills Mr. Aw. “This is a huge motivator for us to keep doing what we do.”