The Luxury of Time with 25Hours

by Katherine Arteche
Photos courtesy of 25Hours
04 May 2022

The newly launched private lifestyle club 25Hours is the place to be — if you value time more than money. Featuring a Q&A with Group Director Kevin Ou.

Just launched last month, 25Hours is a new private lifestyle digital club that seeks to “make every hour count” through the convenience of personalized itineraries and privileges that have been curated to your personal preferences. The club also did a simultaneous launch in Japan, where they are headquartered.

“I know a lot of people that are uber wealthy, but in terms of time, they can be very, very poor,” Kevin Ou reveals, explaining the philosophical concept of the club where he serves as Group Director. 25Hours is the grander, more refined concept that challenges one to make the most out of their day, offering access to exclusive ticketed events like the Met Gala, getting priority reservations at the latest restaurants and hotels, importing the best and freshest Japanese produce, and more.

How did 25Hours come about?
Through the pandemic, we realized that people were quitting en masse around the world, and it really puts into perspective how things could go. Life is short, so to say. Thus, there was a larger focus on how people spend their days. We took what's happening in the world, mirrored by feedback with our specific audiences, and we realized that instead of just money, time is actually more important. There’s that Jim Rohn quote, “You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” A lot of people struggle with that, and we're not just talking about busy, working people – it includes executives and even stay-home parents. So how can we help their lifestyle? Obviously, we cater to a higher niche audience, but it's all about problem solving. I'm excited about 25Hours because it's now become a more purpose-filled company. We have a genuine opportunity to make a difference in people's lives.

We’re looking to continue our growth globally because this dilemma isn't just a Singapore-centric lifestyle, or a Japanese concept — it's a global thing.

What is your role in this venture?
I focus on growth strategy for marketing, partnerships, events, eCommerce and data protection, and monetization.

What we offer, other than access to exclusive venues, is a curation of unique experiences. It’s not just about getting the best deals — you want the best experience not being left to chance. What we essentially sell is peace of mind. We take our time to figure them out, so you don't have to take time off to.

We have a team of insiders who scour Singapore for the best things to do and curate where’s worth spending time this month. So once the program is set, it becomes available on the 25Hours app where a dedicated consultant team will work out the details with you. The app should already personalize things based on your preferences that are unique to you.

What sets 25Hours apart from other exclusive membership clubs?
We don't have direct competitors, but we have competitors when it comes to the different parts of what we do. We’re more active than your typical private club, in a sense that we present new things that you may not even know are possible.

A typical member club is confined within four walls. The minute a member steps out of that, it’s pretty much our territory — you’re part of this global club. If you're going to Japan, you’re already on the guest list for any event that’s happening there. Right down to looking for the best ramen in town, you're already tapping into a trusted level of community that you know as well. With that said, I wouldn't say one private club is better than the other, and that's why we say we complement rather than compete.

What’s the community like at 25Hours?
The very active members in our program are between the ages of 45 to 55, while our core audience comprises younger members in their mid-30s.

We’re about 500 to 600 members strong right now, with our mental cap at 2,000 for the year. While growing the club is good for business, it does the opposite for the existing member quality.

Being an invite-only club is not about being snobbish. We're just very protective of the community. It’s about creating a like-minded community of people who enjoy the same things. It’s not about inviting people you want to impress and having to tolerate yet another social circle.

So if the experiences are already tailored for members, do you also do introductory experience sessions and/or masterclasses, etc. to steer them towards new hobbies and interests?
To be honest, curating experiences to their preferences is actually a lower priority. A member would typically already have their own club or group of friends to do that with. Instead, we're a platform for figuring out what you like and to broaden your taste. In fact, that's been the initial feedback that we've been very excited by. If we've introduced you to this, and it becomes your new favorite thing, then that's when we’ve succeeded.

What’s popular in the community right now?
With the club’s Japanese counterpart, sake is definitely key for us. There are also quite a few members from car clubs, such as the Lamborghini and the Ferrari club, where we have become their main lifestyle planners. A lot of our experiences are in line with their interests, so we work with them to power their lifestyle.

What’s your stance on productivity? Do you have a personal motto/quote you live by?
“The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try, the world is beyond winning,” by Lao Tzu.

I believe my productivity has improved because of this mindset. I don't usually let things hang me up on the schedule too much. I find a way to drop it very quickly and by the next session, I'm ready to give it my all.

If you had that 25th hour, what would you do with it?
Definitely spend more time with family. It’s time with them that I don't get enough of.

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