Sneaker Education

by Anton D. Javier
10 Mar 2017

Not all sneakers are made equal.

When it comes to sneakers, it's not a case of one size fits all. While some might prefer the rugged look of high tops, there are those who'd rather go for the sleekness and ease of slip ons. Here’s a look at the most iconic sneaker designs that have withstood the test of time, as well as the latest styles to ease into now.

Ideally worn on the court, the tennis sneaker is characterized by a leather or canvas upper and rubber soles. This is perhaps the most common and versatile style, given the classic silhouette that works whether you’re winning the game with a killer backhand or hanging out with friends for Sunday brunch.

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High Tops
The high top sneaker was originally meant to support the wearer’s ankle with the height of the shoe going above it. It was once a regular fixture on basketball courts, but has gone through a revamp and now features a sleeker look that makes a style statement, especially in the hands of today’s top designers.

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The trainer can be quickly distinguished with its sportier look, marrying the curved lines of a running shoe with the sleekness of a casual sneaker. Here, the best of both worlds meet and the result is a shoe that boasts form and function. While it usually features laces, Velcro closures are sometimes used as well.

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Say goodbye to cumbersome laces with these. As the name suggests, you slip into slip-on sneakers with ease, making them one of the easiest shoes to wear. The style was made popular by Vans in 1977, which was favored by skaters and cyclists, thanks to its non-skid sole.

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Shell Toe
While the Stan Smith and NMD are all the rage, adidas is also responsible for another classic: The Superstar, which is characterized by the classic shell toe design. It was originally designed as a basketball shoe, and was later favored by hip-hop musicians, particularly artists like Run-D.M.C.

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