Here’s How to Create Your Home Gym With Just A Single Equipment

09 Jun 2021

No space for a full home gym? This bench will do just fine.

With the state of the world as we know it, we’re finding ourselves holed up in our homes where our eat-sleep-work-play routine is now all done under the same roof. And that includes our active time, what with the current shutdown of studio gyms across the country.

According to a global market report published on Business Wire earlier in January, the global home fitness equipment market will be seeing a surge in sales, up from US$6.76 billion in 2019 to a possible reach of US$8.62 billion by 2023. In the UK alone, sales of exercise bikes grew by over 2000% in a five-month period, a minor contributor compared to North America which is apparently the one leading the consumer market. 

Now before someone reaches for a Jane Fonda workout tape (why do you still have that?), the culture of working out at home has become increasingly, dare we say, sophisticated. And this state-of-the-art fitness equipment is all you could possibly need for a holistic workout session.

Dubbed the Technogym Bench, this innovation from Italian fitness company Technogym is a complete home gym offering hundreds of strength and functional exercises. At first glance, the rectangular box doesn’t look like much, compared to its more stylistic counterparts in the rest of the Technogym range, but this minimal footprint design is intended for space-saving homeowners, or for those who’d prefer an easily accessible workout equipment without the hassle of a set up.

The storage compartment is equipped with the essentials – resistance bands, lightweight to heavyweight dumbbells, weighted knuckles, and an exercise mat. It’s part-storage box and part-workout machine (without the bulky hydraulics) where its ease of use is extended to its mobility with integrated wheels. 

Technogym owners will also have access to an in-house “MyWellness” fitness app that’s designed to offer both live and on-demand training videos that’s designed to personalize user training experiences, with hundreds of customized routines, and have your fitness progress monitored and managed through a virtual mentor. 

Explore the Technogym Bench here.