Flavor Journey with KI NO BI

by Portfolio Magazine
01 Jun 2023

Don't miss the KI NO BI Omakase Series in Singapore this June, where some of the country’s top Japanese chefs and establishments create exclusive omakase menus that pay tribute to the Japanese gin's unique character and flavor.

This month, KI NO BI, Japan’s first dedicated gin distillery, debuts the KI NO Bi Omakase Series in Singapore, where diners can look forward to a series of indulgent culinary journeys with some of the country’s most celebrated Japanese chefs and establishments.

Dining partners for this Omakase Series include restaurants like Omakase @ Stevens, Takayama, Ichigo Ichie, Sushi Hari, Hazuki, and Kappou, with each one creating an exclusive omakase menu inspired by the six aroma elements that build the unique character of KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin – spice, fruity/floral, herbal, citrus, base, and tea.

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For this summer season’s offerings, the KI NO BI Omakase Series showcases the pairing of artisanal Japanese gin with the best of summer harvest and premium catches in Japan, resulting in a delicious discovery of the complex botanicals in KI NO BI artisanal gin, while complementing the flavor of the dishes.

  • Omakase @ Stevens - Trout with herbs
  • Kappou - Ode to Green
  • Ichigo Ichie - Ayu
  • Takayama - Sashimi
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Chef Aeron Choo of Kappou takes on the tea element by using ceremonial-grade matcha from Tsujiri Chaho for a dairy-free dessert creation, while Chef Shu Kubota of Omakase @ Stevens utilizes seasonal vegetables and produce, as well as Karashi miso to interpret the spice element. As for the herbal element, Chef Akane Eno of Ichigo Ichie presents confit Ayu, fried Yamatotok, and Shine muscat, while the fruity/floral element comes alive with Chef Taro Takayama of Takayama’s tea leaf-smoked sashimi.

  • Sushi Hare - Monkfish liver
  • Hazuki - Seasonal fruit with orange and Juniper berry jelly
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Meanwhile, Chef Angus Chang of Sushi Hare utilizes the refreshing flavor of yuzu for the citrus element, while Chef Kenta Yamauchi of Hazuki pairs seasonal Japanese fruit with Orange and Juniper Berry Jelly, which is inspired by the base juniper element of KI NO BI.

Each omakase menu is priced starting at $333++ per person and is available for a limited time from now until 30 June 2023. Seat reservations can be placed directly at the diner’s restaurant of choice.

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