Better Each Time

28 Sep 2020

A serial Lexus owner lists down additional features that take her new Lexus UX beyond her expectations.

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Dr Chua Yang is a big Lexus fan. She drives a Lexus UX that she bought in January last year – her third after the IS200T and IS250C.

Her other family car is also a Lexus, an ES250, and her father gets driven in it wherever he wants to go.

The UX is Dr Chua’s everyday car for work and leisure. It takes her to the hospital where she works, the golf club, the biking trails – with her foldable bicycle securely packed in the boot, and the park where she walks her dog.

“That’s partly why the SUV is a useful option. I can keep all my toys in it,” she says.

“I like the look of the car,” she says “It is not overly ‘macho’ like most SUVs. Its interior is decked up with very nice details like the big screen with GPS as well as the very comfortable leather seats with good lumbar support.” She likes the convenience of the reading lights that come on with a wave of the hand, the ample storage space, and the multiple USB ports that allow her to play music from various sources, including the Bluetooth for her Apple playlist.

Another function that she finds useful in her car is the Head-up Display. Although she thought it would be a distraction initially, she now appreciates that she can drive with her eyes on the road yet with some vital information within view.

“To be honest, the biggest reason why I changed my car to the UX was the height of the seat,” Dr Chua confides. Her father, the cultural medallion laureate, Mr Chua Mia Tee, is 89 years old. “It is getting increasingly difficult for him to get in and out of a car with low bucket seats. Meanwhile, the bigger SUVs are difficult for him to get into. But the UX makes it easy for him to get in and out, sit down or get up.”


Performance Quotient

The UX is Dr Chua’s first SUV. “My previous cars were mostly two-door models, like the hard-top convertible IS250C. But despite the UX’s size, it is effortless to drive and park – it has a really tight turning radius.”

She also commends the safety features such as the sensor that gives out a warning when it detects an obstruction in the way, when the car veers off the lane or when there is another car within the blind spot. “The other big improvement from all my previous cars is that the UX appears to be the most fuel-efficient,” Dr Chua says.

“My UX performs well daily,” Dr Chua enthuses. “When I was a training doctor, I drove an Eastern European car, which died just outside the SGH mortuary at a most inopportune time,” she recalls amusedly. “I appreciate  that this car gives so little trouble that it is difficult to justify changing it.” A friend of Dr Chua’s had to renew her COE after ten years because her Lexus IS250C is still driving perfectly. “I think that’s why I have been replacing my Lexus with another Lexus.”

Dr Chua can get called to the hospital for delivery any time of the day. “It’s simply unacceptable to have any car trouble. But besides being very reliable, my UX is also a quiet and smooth ride.”

The after-sales services that she gets from Lexus are yet another aspect that she appreciates. “The sales team and the service supervisors have become my good friends, and if I have a question or need some help, I can usually get instantaneous answers via Lexus Safety System+ text messages.”

LED Rear Combination Lamps

The LED rear combination lamps have a bold design where the left and right lamps are connected by the aero-stabilizing blade lights that form a single line of light across the rear, illuminated by 120 LEDs.

Sashiko Stitching

The luxurious interior finishes exemplify the marque’s Takumi craftsmanship, with smooth leather upholstery inspired by sashiko. This traditional Japanese quilting technique also appears in Judo and Kendo martial arts uniforms.

Washi-inspired Dashboard Trim

The fine-quality paper grain ‘Washi’ ornamentation on the dashboard is inspired by traditional Japanese sliding doors, warmly inviting and evoking comfort and relaxation within the cabin. The UX’s performance details are available at a glance on a full-coloured Head-Up Display that projects critical information onto the windshield.

Wireless Charger

A wireless charger in the center console can charge phones and other devices by simply placing them on the charging tray.

Agile, Superb Handling

The nimble hatchback-like handling is perfect for urban exploration with the adoption of the new GA-C platform for agile and maneuverability; the lowest center of gravity among any vehicle in its class adds to superb handling.

360 Panoramic View Monitor

Exclusive to the Luxury variants, the 360° Panoramic View Monitor helps check areas surrounding the vehicle that are difficult to see from the driver’s seat. The system shows a bird’s-eye view of the car in real-time on the 10.3-inch EMV display, using a composite image taken by cameras mounted on the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle.

Hands-free Power Back Door

Even with both hands full, as long as someone has the Electronic Key, he can open and close the power back door automatically by moving his foot under the rear bumper and out again.

Lexus Safety System+

Standard on all new Lexus vehicles is the Lexus Safety System+ – an integrated suite of advanced safety systems designed to help in certain circumstances to ensure appropriate reactions and warnings to potentially dangerous events: Pre-Collision System — alerts the driver if a collision is likely to occur and activates pre-collision brake assist when the driver depresses the brake pedal. If the driver cannot push the brake pedal, it activates the pre-collision brake to help avoid a collision or mitigate the impact force. Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist — alerts the driver of possible lane or road deviations, keeps the vehicle centered in its lane, and helps assist steering in avoiding them. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control — maintains a constant speed, and uses the millimeter-wave radar and camera sensors to detect a vehicle driving ahead and maintain an appropriate distance between cars. Blind Spot Monitor System & Rear Cross Traffic Alert (in Luxury variants) — the system activates a warning indicator in the relevant door mirror the moment a vehicle enters this blind spot.