What's In My Portfolio: Poh Mui Hoon

10 May 2022

Poh Mui Hoon is the Founder and CEO of Esseplore

Esseplore is a food tech company with a mission of providing a platform to provide great food to customers and connecting chefs in a vibrant ecosystem and community. Our food has one ethos – to be tasty.

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We do the heavy lifting to drive and provide chefs with the opportunity for additional revenue or income using what they already possess – whether it is a home kitchen or a foodshop kitchen. 

For the co-founders of Esseplore, we are on a very simple mission of helping the individual chefs or smaller food players extend themselves into the market. All my co-founders are experienced and seasoned professionals and business people – we see this business having the ability to disrupt the current status quo, which will allow us to help.

When we started this business in 2018, we were looking to bring the experience of dining with chefs to business and leisure travellers around cities in Asia. We spent a lot of time and energy on our platform, but when Covid hit, we were left with limited options. We had to make several strategic pivots from our original idea to what we are doing now.

With regards to Esseplore and where it is at the moment, I would say that I am most proud of the great reviews that we have received from our customers about our food, about what our chefs produce, and that the dishes are authentic and of course, taste great.

Many of our chefs choose to grind their spices by hand, going to the market to choose only the freshest of produce. They are that proud of their food. For the chefs that we work with, their food is an art, an expression of themselves, and they want to bring nothing but the best to our customers.

When asked what Esseplore’s unique selling point is, I would say that it’s the quality of our food, as well as the passion of our chefs. No compromises. We stand behind what we produce and should there be any short fall at all, we will make up for it – no questions asked.”

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