What's In My Portfolio: Alan Kueh

Photography by Chino Sardea
10 Feb 2023

Alan Kueh is the Co-Founder of Memotics

Memotics is a Singapore-based web3 project built on Unreal Engine 5, featuring innovative architectural designs, deep web3 integrations and a budding, rapidly growing community powered by blockchain technology. We aim to revolutionize the space by empowering creative learning and experience to build a solid foundational platform for all web2 businesses integrating into web3.

Unlike contemporary emerging NFT and metaverse projects, Memotics plans to create and bring value to all members. We seek to accomplish this by enabling them to invest in stable, fool-proof non-fungible tokens, as well as educate members about how this metaverse is built. Thus, we would allow them to provide creative inputs on how we can co-create and co-expand the ecosystem together. My role as Co-founder of Memotics is to bring forth my skills sets from my extensive architectural experiences to create a metaverse for good and learning.

As we are social architects in real life, both aesthetics and curation play a great deal in our metaverse space. It helps create that sense of belonging and familiarity for a greater immersive experience. 

In our opinion, a metaverse should represent futurism, but at the same time, be warm, humane, and a safer space to share and connect. We are also embracing this metaverse as a virtual space that must also be connected to physical experiences for members to be emotionally linked back to the virtual space.

With our community, we have managed to activate many real-life events, namely in Comex, Suntec, art festivals, events in MBS, and more, where we incorporated a touch of virtual elements, seamlessly linking both worlds together.

Our metaverse is developed to provide a growing platform for both web2 companies and web3 individuals to connect with one another through exclusive educational courses on various subject matters, such as virtual e-commerce and product co-creation. The possibilities are limitless with the team’s skill sets, in being able to adapt and create new ways to innovate our metaverse. Everyone wants to be successful or get better in certain ways, and it is undeniable that education and connection plays an important role in achieving those goals. 

Memotics’ goal for web2 strategic partnerships is to utilise our extensive connections and network with web2 brands to slowly onboard their everyday consumers to experience the beauty of phygital products, while potentially introducing them to untapped audience (the web3 consumers) from around the world.”