What's In My Portfolio: Akin Akman

02 Jul 2024

Akin Akman is the Co-Founder and CEO of AARMY and a lululemon ambassador.

“I am the Co-Founder and CEO of AARMY, a lifestyle brand and an elite fitness academy where champions train. In addition, I have been a lululemon Global Ambassador for over three years now. Fundamentally, my work focuses on using movement and training to unlock your mind. 

My goal is to make people come alive and empower them to pursue the things they dream of at the highest level. I am proud to be a part of two brands – AARMY and lululemon – that have similar missions of giving people the tools to live their best lives. 

Today, AARMY is a fitness empire headquartered in NYC, offering a global app that delivers on-demand workouts and pop-up events all over the world. Its success is rooted in an innovative approach that merges mental conditioning and physical skill-building. Being well is about training a mindset that allows people to generate positive self-talk so they can continue to grow. I am incredibly proud to make AARMY into a sport, helping people train their bodies and minds, even in my role as lululemon’s global ambassador. 

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As lululemon’s global ambassador, I have the incredible opportunity to uplift others through sweat and inspiration, fuelling perspective and mental strength. Beyond training sessions, I have also collaborated with lululemon on a collection for lululemon's casual wear line where fitness meets fashion, offering high-quality apparel that gives communities both performance and style. It is a collaboration that truly exemplifies a shared commitment to empowering individuals to pursue active and mindful lifestyles, helping them realize their vision, and achieve their goals.

I created AARMY over a decade ago and coaches from all over the world come to train and learn from me. I am creating an AARMY Academy Certificate Program, which will launch in early 2025.

I do pop-ups all over the world and will be embarking on my second World Tour, heading to London, Paris, Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong, and finishing in Singapore in July 2024. Singapore is a very special place to conclude the tour, as I will be celebrating lululemon's 10th year anniversary in Singapore at Glow Festival, alongside other ambassadors and partners from around the world. I will be hosting a series of AARMY bootcamps at the festival and participating in a panel discussion focused on helping men achieve their wellbeing.”