What's In My Portfolio: Aiman Hakim

Interview by Marc Almagro
Photography by Chino Sardea
07 May 2018

Visual artist Aiman Hakim walks us through the contents of his portfolio

I love traveling in search of inspiration. When I’m not painting, I’m always out and about because it is important for me to interact with the outside world and experience human interaction.

Sometimes when I’m hindred by a creative block, and I am working a new piece, I pack up my things andgo to a coffee place to work; I observe random strangers, make conversations with them, and explore the world around me for nuggets of inspiration that people tend to leave behind. 

I am inspired by the relationships between humans, nature, and urban landscapes. I’m interested in the creative process as a whole, so I do not like to limit my creative outlets.  

I have curated and created artworks for hotels and private commissions, and produced advertising campaigns for clients like Capitaland and 313@Somerset by creatively translating ideas and visions into a finished product. Inherently, they are one of the same—the realization of a vision through passion and creativity.

My latest series of artworks, ‘The Evolution of Eian & Eien’ is an introspective study focusing on balanced duality, reflection, and challenging perspectives. In these series of artworks, I created these hybrids of conjoined interracial or intersex twins as a representation of a coexisting society – presenting the audience with an alternate reality to challenge their notions of identity, tolerance, and acceptance.

Whenever I get the opportunity, I also like to interact with visitors on my website through the chat function, which sometimes comes as a pleasant surprise to them. Sometimes all we need is someone to share our day with.